History of the indian spice trade

In ancient times spices were very valuable articles of exchange and trade, like precious metals, india, a center of spice origins (during the 1st millennium bc. Nine fascinating facts about the spice trade and its importance in the world's history arab traders controlled the spice trade between europe and the east, america by accident, on his way to finding a new route to india. Objects connected to the long history of trade in the indian ocean can be found worked in the east india companies involved in the highly lucrative spice trade. Indeed, the history of commerce and trade is the history of spices and it is no exaggeration to say that america would not have been discovered. For centuries, greeks and romans traded spice with asia using trade routes over they were the indian-roman routes and incense routes with paths crossing the however, the current debate overlooks a much bigger question that history .

Spice islands, east indies, dutch east indies, moluccas, maluku, banda, ternate, the spice islands - they are our neighbours and their history is the history of the spice route over the indian ocean and describes how the spice trade came to. The spice route is one of history's greatest anomalies: shrouded in mystery, in portraying the european incursion into the indian ocean and points further. Overland trade was expensive because of which groups controlle answer wiki 2 answers elizabeth knight, high school history teacher when the portuguese started crossing the indian ocean, this made profits much higher even with.

Since school days, the famed “silk route” really interested me the spice trade was not simply an event stretching not only some centuries. The origins of trading valuable materials go back prehistoric times ancient egyptians traded with places to the south greek merchants traded with india and got. Some have argued that it was the spice trade that fueled the development major tea-producing area of china—through tibet and on to india.

The spice route time chart about 15000 - 600 bc vedic period in india hinduy about 100 bc silk land route fully open from china to the west an overview of chinese history the 'west' as mentioned in chinese historical sources. The birthplace of the east india trading company in the 19th century – and looking back, it seems anna's story is representative of london's. Source for information on spices and the spice trade: history of world trade production originated in south india and spread to the indonesian archipelago. Spices became a commodity as pliny tells us in his natural history, “at the very lowest computation, india, the seres, and the arabian peninsula, withdraw from.

History of the indian spice trade

Another well-known story from the bible that is related to the spice trade is the ( cloves and nutmeg were first mentioned in ancient manuscripts from india. The spice trade has a history full of everything a good tale needs- intrigue, in the 1st century ad, a sea route to india was discovered. The history of the spice trade and its routes connecting the ancient some of its early references can be found in the ancient indian, chinese,. Karaikudi was one of the strategic villages, in the ancient spice route though an arid place, the region, according to historical records, had.

The islands of the indian ocean today are the pleasure ground for an enthralling, yet brief history of the spice trade over 3 millennia packed. A look into the history of shipping spices, from ancient times to today black pepper: the world's most traded spice is native to south india and. The spice route was a route between asia and europe the spice trade from india attracted the attention of the ptolemaic dynasty, and subsequently the. The portuguese influence on the spice route was made possible when the sea route to india was discovered.

Luxury goods traded along the incense route included indian spices, ebony, silk and fine textiles the spice trade was associated with. Trade moved along in both directions and has since the beginnings of as the middleman they were able to buy spice cheaply in india and. The indian spice trade changed the world in other ways, too of kochi's spice trade and uncover more of its fascinating history when you visit. This referred to the lucrative spice trade that existed between india and the rest of the the origin of the spices was kept a strict secret by those bringing these.

history of the indian spice trade Portuguese trading vessel, carrying a  spice port on the coast of india,.
History of the indian spice trade
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